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Trademark Modification in UAE

Trademark Modification in UAE has been regulated as per Article 9 -Federal Decree-Law no. (36) of 2021 below trademark statement:

  • The owner of a previously registered Trademark may, at any time, apply to the Ministry for introducing any addition or modification to the form of the Trademark, goods, or services provided that this does not significantly affect the substance of the Trademark. The Ministry’s decision in this regard shall be issued according to the procedures prescribed in the Implementing Regulation of this Decree-Law.
  • The Ministry’s decision rejecting the addition or modification shall be governed by the provisions related to grievance and appeal stipulated in Article (13) of this Decree-Law.

Types of Trademark Modification in UAE

The common and most used modifications in UAE include Trademark Ownership Modification, Trademark Ownership Transition, Trademark Logo Modification, Trademark Products Modification, Trademark Mortgage, Trademark Agent change and Trademark Cancellation.

Trademark Agent Change

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Trademark Ownership Transition

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Trademark Ownership Modification

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Trademark Logo Modification

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Trademark Products Modification

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Trademark Mortgage

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