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Who Owns the Logo's Trademark?

Ownership comes with registration and use. The logo’s designer is rarely the owner of the trademark. The trademark owner is most often the business owner.

Why Is Trademarking a Logo Important?

A company’s logo is representative of the brand. The logo is also recognizable by customers, making it important to also protect its reputation.

A trademark is not required, nor is it always necessary. For small, regional companies, a trademarked brand or logo is not necessary. A trademark automatically begins with first use and depends upon regional boundaries. This is only true if someone else is not using the trademark. Even for small, regional companies, there are benefits to trademarking a logo.

There are many benefits to registering your logo for a trademark:

  • License your trademark and increase your profit and brand recognition.
  • Flag trademark use from competitors.
  • Legal recognition of ownership.
  • The exclusive right to use, produce, copy, and profit from the logo’s use.

Infringement Protection: When your logo is registered with a trademark, you have the right to sue anyone who uses the logo without authorization. In some cases, simply having the logo trademarked can be enough to win the court case. In some cases, it’s even possible to bring criminal charges against someone for improper use of a trademarked logo. Many businesses end up facing lawsuits for the unauthorized use of another company’s trademarked logo, even if they’re unaware of the trademark. Some businesses end up having their logo stolen by someone else, but not much can be done if they didn’t protect their design.

Foreign Registration: Once your logo is trademarked in the United States, you’re able to register your trademark in other countries. This makes it possible to extend your business and sell your product in foreign markets.

Difference Between a Logo and a Trademark

A trademark is a word, name, tagline, phrase, symbol, design, or other distinguishing marks that identifies a company or person and its products or service from its competitors. This can include company names, slogans, logos, or designs that are unique to the company and identify the goods or services it offers. These distinguishing marks can be a sign, word, symbol, or design that effectively identifies the trademark owner.

A logo is a symbol or design used by a company that may fall under trademark protection laws. Many businesses choose to apply for trademark protection on their logos. When approved, a trademark restricts others from using an exact or similar mark.

Logos are flexible. They can be a design alone, a design with words or letters, or a design that consists entirely of words and letters in a unique style. Conversely, a trademark can be letters or words with no design but is not considered a logo. A logo is a symbol or design used by a company that may fall under trademark protection laws. Many businesses choose to apply for trademark protection on their logos. When approved, a trademark restricts others from using an exact or similar mark.

Over time, a powerful logo can become a highly recognizable trademark to consumers.

One of the most commonly trademarked symbols is a company logo. Businesses use their logo on marketing and advertising pieces, products for sale, vehicles, apparel, uniforms, and much more. Without trademark protection, your logo is at risk. Anyone in a similar business can use something very similar without any restrictions.

The purpose of trademarking a logo is to avoid confusion among consumers. When trademarking laws went into effect, lawmakers wanted to make sure that a consumer could clearly identify what product or service came from what business. Without proper legal protection, any company could replace another’s logos without legal risk, leading to confusion for consumers about which products to buy.

The Expected Duration of Service Delivery

The expected duration of trademark logo modification service delivery is 60 days.

Service Procedure

  • Filling application
  • Application study
  • Publishing
  • Issuing certificate


Official fees for trademark logo modification required to pay to the UAE Trademark Office costs amount AED350.

Required Documents

Following documents are required to file the application of trademark logo modification:

  • Registrar requestor details: Registrar requester name, phone, email, nationality, legal nature.
  • Trademark details: Trademark name, Trademark name translation English/Arabic, Trademark type, Trademark class, mark description, class number, product explanation.
  • Document attachments: Trademark modified logo, Modified product list, Trademark registration certificate copy,License copy if company/business , Passport Copy, complete home address, Power of Attorney (notarized by the Notary Public & legalized by the UAE), Priority documents if any.

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