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Home Refund Policy

The below policy is made to safeguard both the rights of Client and in order to know the deduction and refund based on value of the money, effort and time consumed in commencing and concluding this job:

Amount is subject to be Refunded in case of the following:

  • If client’s application is rejected due to sole discretion, such rejection is absolute discretion of or in case of incompetence in performing and completing the service on due course.
  • If the Client terminates the job within (15) days, a refund can be applied after deduction of a (30%) of the advanced payment against BACT charges and any additional expenditures to the date of implementing the termination, including but not limited to Labour, Government fees, and any other miscellaneous fees – if any. (a separated receipt from the competent authority will be submitted for such calculation)

Amounts that CANNOT be Refunded

  • If client’s application is rejected by competent authority, Government for any reason such as Security Check or Pre Approvals or trademark rejection then NO REFUND.
  • Attestation invoices (fees and charges) are not subject of refund.