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Process Of Trademark Renewal In UAE

This service allows the brand owners to submit an application for renewing the trademark’s protection period for another ten years, without an additional examination or allowing others to object to the renewal.

Following formal steps are required to file the application of trademark renewal and successfully submission:

  1. Filling application: Application filling and submitting to the UAE Trademark Office.
  2. Publication: Application publishing in official gazette of the UAE Trademark Office. The publication, in this case, is only for informative purpose and other parties are not allowed to oppose the trademark renewal in the UAE according to UAE trademark law.

The Expected Duration For Service Delivery

The expected duration of trademark renewal service delivery is 4 working days.

Trademark Renewal Requirements In UAE

Following steps are required to file the application of trademark renewal and successfully submission:

  1. Registrar requestor details : Registrar requester name, phone, email, nationality, legal nature.
  2. Trademark details: Trademark name, Trademark name translation English/Arabic, Trademark registration number, date of registration, date of expiring, trademark type, mark description.
  3. Document attachments: Trademark image, Trademark registration certificate copy, Passport Copy, Power of Attorney (notarized by the Notary Public & legalized by the UAE), Priority documents if any.

Trademark Renewal Fees

The official fee for trademark renewal and the publication fee should be submitted along with the application for renewing the trademark registration in Dubai. Official fees for trademark renewal required to pay to the UAE Trademark Office costs amount AED 6500.

Validity Of Renewed Trademark Certificate In the UAE

The trademark renewal certificate in UAE is officially valid for another 10 years starting from the the date of the trademark expiration deadline. There are 30 days formal period after the trademark renewal publishing. Upon completing this period, the Trade Mark Office will issue a renewal trademark certificate which is proof that the renewal of trademark registration has been approved.

Multi-class Application System In UAE - Trademark Law No. 36 Of 2021 ("New Law")

UAE trademark office now allows applicants to apply for trademarks and include multiclass in single applications. The previous trademark system did not allow for multi-class applications, and it was only allowed for single class applications, one trademark class one trademark application. Same process regulation also proclaimed for the trademark renewal.

Changing Trademark Agent After 10 Years

UAE Trademark law allows brand owners to register trademark only trough official UAE trademark agents. The trademark agent who filed in first instance the trademark registration may not be available during the renewal period for many reasons. In this case the trademark owner has right to hire new trademark agent and apply for service to change it. Official fees for the changing agent service costs amount AED 350.

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