New UAE visit visa for jobs: Get entry permit without sponsor

The unique visa for job searchers creates a win-win situation for all job market parties.

The UAE’s new visa regulation would help the government locate new talent, reduce time for job searchers, and provide firms more freedom in their human resource (HR) processes.

The government’s new ‘explore employment opportunities’ entrance visa allows young talents and skilled employees to easily enter the UAE to explore new career prospects without the need for a host or sponsor.

The amendment was one of many new visa requirements adopted by the UAE Cabinet. Previously, hundreds of thousands of job seekers arrived in the UAE on a visit visa in quest of future work. Furthermore, it is prohibited for businesses to hire personnel on tourist visas.

The company facilities human resource requirement for Curtin University, Dubai. “And from a candidate’s perspective, the new rules give them sufficient time and flexibility to find a job they are happy with, at the right level, pay and so on,” Huma added.

Deepa Sud, the CEO of Plum Jobs, said the UAE government has opened the country to welcome new talent into the country. “It is evident they are looking for potential talent across sectors. They encourage more people to come here and look for jobs and make the UAE their long-term home. The new visa simplifies formalities.”