New UAE Visa rules: Green Visa and Jobseeker Visa

Visa News updated recently for the visa system will be activated in Dubai (UAE) on Monday, October 3, 2022. This will make the visitors able to apply for UAE Visa or Green Visa without a UAE-based sponsor required.

According to Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship customs and Ports Security (ICP), changes were announced at a press conference on September 5 about Visa news updated related to new Visa categories of UAE Visa such as Green Visa, Jobseeker Visa, and Golden Visa available for expatriates in addition to benefits for current UAE residents. This new system aimed to offer more facilities and flexibility for individuals in the UAE labor market.

What is the updated visa system?
New regulations for UAE visas have been explained at the press conference by the ICP, Major General the Director of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at the Authority. The news is about new regulations updated for the Visa system in UAE which contributed to the UAE vision to achieve the sustainability of the development process in addition to the policy of economic diversification in the UAE, through enticing skilled labor, experience people, scientific competency, skilled specialists and creative people which aimed to highly increasing the level of facility and improving the competitiveness of the countries economy.

The new updated visa system is classified by the multiplicity of sorts of residency with different sorts of visa resident wither was Green Visa, Jobseeker Visa, Golden Visa in addition to a new one to suit all classifications of investors, graduates, early students, specialists, talented scientists and entrepreneurs, forerunners of humanitarian work, the first line of defense, skilled workers in all sectors, the reduction of burdens and simplification of processes, the addition of new advantages for residents, and the separation of residency from the employer are all factors that improve the quality of life and make living, working, and investing in the UAE an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

The Green Visa, Jobseeker Visa, and additional perks for Golden Visa holders are now part of the reformed visa system.

Golden Visa features
1. 10 years renewable residence.
2. Duration of stay outside the UAE dose not nullify the Golden residence.
3. No maximum number of support service workers.
4. Entry Visa Valid for 6 months with multiple entries to proceed with residence issuance.
5. No sponsor or employer required.
6. Residence for family members including spouse and children with no age limit.
7. In the event of death of the original holder of Golden Visa residence, family members able to stay in the UAE till the end of their residence permit.

The 5-year Green Visa
The new effect regulation for foreigners’ entrance and residence, which takes effect on October 3, contains an integrated system of residency with significant benefits and facilities for Green Visa holders. In particular, the Green Visa is given for a period of five years, condition to renewal, and offers greater benefits for residents’ families, along with adaptable grace periods of up to 6 months after expiration or cancellation of residence.

The three classifications of Green Visa are
The sustainable residence for skilled employees.
The green residency for self-employed
The green residence, which replaces the investor’s prior two-year residency, is for an investor or partner in a commercial enterprise and is valid for five years with the possibility of renewal. With more perks and less complicated rules, as well as enabling individuals with green residency to bring in first-degree relatives.

Jobseeker Visa
An upgraded visa system was introduced as another form of visa as component of the UAE Visa residency. A visa for job seekers is what it is called, a Jobseeker Visa. It makes it possible for you to visit the UAE on your own to look into the job, investment, and business opportunities. In essence, it is a modernized entry permission system.

Jobseeker Visa has been created to explore job opportunities and another to explore investment and business opportunities to attract investors without a guarantor or host inside the country, according to the conditions outlined in the new executive regulations.

According to the requirements stated in the new executive regulations, a Jobseeker visa has been formed to investigate job prospects and another to investigate investment and business opportunities to draw investors.

Visa Types available in UAE

√Golden Visa

√Silver Visa
√Green Visa
√Freelancer Visa
√Dubai Cultural Visa
√Abu Dhabi Creative Visa
√Job Exploration Entry Visa
√Entry Permit to study and Training
√Business Visa
√Transit, Tourist, and Student Visa
√Remote Work Visa
√Retirement Visa

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