Passport Ranking 2022

 List of 5th passports ranking countries for 2022

1 UAE 119 56 23
2 Germany 126 56 23
2 Sweden 125 47 26
2 Finland 172 47 26
2 Luxembourg 125 47 26
2 Spain 125 47 26
2 France 125 47 26
2 Italy 125 47 26
2 Netherlands 124 48 26
2 Austria 124 48 26
2 Switzerland 122 50 26
2 South Korea 119 53 26
2 USA 115 57 26
3 Denmark 124 47 27
3 Belgium 123 48 27
3 Norway 122 49 27
3 Poland 121 50 27
3 Japan 119 52 27
3 Ireland 116 55 27
4 New Zealand 113 58 27
4 Czech Republic 121 49 28
4 Greece 121 49 28
4 Hungary 120 50 28
4 Canada 114 56 28
4 Australia 110 60 28
5 Singapore 129 40 29
5 Malta 122 47 29
5 Lithuania 120 49 29
5 Slovakia 118 51 29
5 United Kingdom 116 53 29

Every year, a list of the most powerful passports in the world has been released every year for which country has the strongest passport in the world to know what the most and least passports have movement freedom in terms of visa-free limitations and arrangements.

The top 5 most strongest passports haven’t changed much since the previous rating, according to the most recent Global Passport Index for 2022. With a score of 175, the UK is currently in 5th place, one spot behind the US, which has a score of 172.

What is the Passport Index?

The only active passport ranking tool in existence is called The Passport Index. When new visa exemptions and changes are made, it is the only global passport rating that is instantly updated.

The Passport Index was created in 2014 by Montreal-based financial services company Arton Capital. The passport rankings of 193 UN members include 6 regions such as “Palestinian Region, Hong Kong (SAR China), Macau (SAR China), ROC Taiwan, the Vatican, and Kosovo” are taken into account by the Arton Capital passport index.

The information used to create the index was provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the biggest and most reliable travel database in the world.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the largest and most reliable travel database in the world, provided the data on which the index was built.

Types of ranking

  • Global Passport Power Rank: Based on their overall score for visa-free travel, world passports are ranked. The percentage of a country’s score related to the number of visa-free nations is used to classify countries that have equal visa-free scores.
  • Individual Passport Power Rank: To further sever the relationships and place the nations in separate ranks, information from the most recent UN Human Development Index is used.
  • Filtered Rank: The Passport Index rates international passports according to their unique qualities in light of users’ preferences. People can now filter results by continent, area, industry, and many other criteria.
  • Welcoming Countries Rank: The Passport Index rates nations based on how hospitable they are to people of different nationalities.

Types of scores

  • Visa-free score: According to the Passport Index, passport ranking according to their “total visa-free score,” which is the best point for each nation that its owners can visit without a visa, with a visa on arrival, or by getting an electronic travel authorization (ETA). The nation with the best score for visa-free travel has the strongest passport ranking.
  • Welcoming Score: Each passport from a nation that grants its holder entry with or not the Visa upon arrival receives one point on the Passport Index. The best passport refers to the world’s most hospitable nation and is the one with the highest welcome score.
  • World Openness Score: An indicator of how to open nations are to international travel is the World Openness Score. It increased from 17,904 to 18,680 between August 2015 and 2017. It had scored 20,189 as of November 21st, 2018.
  • Global Mobility Score: With one or more passports in their possession, a person’s level of freedom of worldwide mobility is indicated by their Global Mobility Score. Higher scores indicate more freedom of movement.

What does have a powerful passport ranking mean?

It refers specifically to a world passport ranking with smaller restrictions, including not mandating visas for vacation excursions. You have a lot of travel options when you have a strong passport. In addition to their level of freedom, many countries will let you access if you have a reliable passport, often without the need for a visa. For instance, if you have a passport from Europe, you can visit any country in the Euro Zone without a visa.


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