International Trademark System WIPO/Madrid – FAQ Basic


What is an Office of Origin?

The IP office or office of origin is known by the designated territories in which you want to protect your trademark. You can choose the Contracting Parties in your international application in which region you want to protect your mark, as well as you can expand the domain of your international registration according to the Madrid System.

What languages can be used in an application under International application?

Any language may be used when submitting international applications to the International Bureau acting as acquiring Office. Although, the application’s language itself suggests a second official language was used before the Office of that Contracting Organization. One of the (five) official languages of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), i.e., English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish, must be indicated as the second language. Additionally, the Office accepts English as a second language when filing the language dependent free text of the order listing component in any language.

What are all documents and information required to make International applications?

Item 1:  1. Contracting Party Whose Office Is the Office of Origin:

  • The Office of origin should be identified by the name of the State or intergovernmental body.
  • When there are multiple applicants, only one Contracting Party shall be named whose Office is the Office of origin. 
  1. Applicants personal information:
  • Name: The name should be stated as the natural person’s family name (or principal name), as well as any given names (or subsidiary names), in the manner in which they are ordinarily used by the person.

Note: The applicant’s entire official designation must be provided if they are a legal entity.

Address: The applicant’s postal address needs to be provided in a form that satisfies the standards for fast delivery as per custom. Telephone numbers may also be provided.

Email: In the international application, the candidate is required to provide an email address.

Address for Correspondence: Where the applicant or owner has provided the name and address of a representative in item 4, all correspondence from the International Bureau that must be forwarded to them will be sent to that representative’s email address.

Phone Numbers: If an e-mail address is not provided or is provided but is wrong, the applicant may additionally supply a phone number so that the International Bureau can call them if necessary.


Application Made in More Than One Applicant’s Name:

  • If there are many candidates, only the first applicant’s name and address should be listed, along with the total number of applicants. The “Continuation Sheet for Several Applicants” should contain the name(s) and address(es) of the other applicant(s).
  • when the international application has been failed by two or more applicants with different addresses, and nor the name and address of a representative and never indicated to the representative or the address of correspondence, the communication will be sent to the email applicant first name in in the international application.

Where the international application is jointly filed by two or more applicants with different addresses, and neither the name and address of a representative nor an address for correspondence has been indicated, communications will be sent to the e-mail address of the applicant first named in the international application.

Preferred Language for Correspondence:

In the case of an international application, the applicant may (by checking the appropriate box in item 2) indicate whether he or she wishes to receive communications from the International Bureau in English, in French or in Spanish.  It is not necessary to check this box if the applicant wishes to receive communications in the language in which the international application was filed.

Item 2: Trademark details: 

Item 2: Trademark information, including the following items: Trademark name, Trademark name translation in English/ Arabic, Trademark type, Trademark class, mark description, class number, product explanation, and Selected list of Designation Countries.

Item 3: Entitlement to File:

To be entitled to use the Madrid System, you must first have a connection with one of its members (known as “Contracting Parties”).  This connection will determine your Office of origin (national/regional intellectual property office).

To meet the entitlement requirement, you must:

You must first be connected to one of the Madrid System’s participants (referred to as Contracting Parties) in order to be permitted to use it. Your Office of Origin (national/regional intellectual property office) will be determined by this connection.

You must have the following in order to be eligible: a trademark logo, a copy of your business’ trademark registration, a passport copy, and a complete home address. Priority documents, if any, Power of Attorney (notarized by the Notary Public & legalized by the UAE), Through the Ministry of Economy Link of local registration, a mark may be registered or a trademark request for protection may be submitted in the United Arab Emirates.

What is the complementary and individual fee?

Individual Fee: Any Contracting Party may declare that it wishes to be paid a “individual fee” in connection with each international registration in which it is named (whether at the time of the international application or subsequently), as well as in connection with the renewal of such a registration. Any such fee must be established by that Contracting Party and specified in the declaration; subsequent declarations may alter it.

Complementary Fee: A fee payable on behalf of each specified Contracting Party; no individual cost is due.

What is the basic fee for all UAE applicants?

Basic fees for all UAE applicants where no reproduction of the mark is in color | CHF 653.00

Fees of contracting parties| CHF 18,774.00

Complementary fee| CHF 4,400.00

Grand Total |CHF 23,827.00

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Is the Madrid e-filing process the only way to register an International trademark?

No, you have a choice between two methods for filing. One is by using the Madrid Protocol, and the other is by engaging a local lawyer in each nation where you want rights and having that lawyer submit the application on your behalf.

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