If you are starting an international business company (IBC) or setting up a company that will serve clients from all over the world, you should choose a company name that clients from many cultural backgrounds could understand. It takes some thought to choose a company name for a new or existing company (or LLP), regardless of the large or small business names. You must make sure the company name is available to register in addition to naming a business that accurately describes the mission and core principles of your organisation. even if you wish to alter the corporate or IIC names.

The choice of naming a business is one of the most crucial ones you’ll make as the owner of an international business organisation (IBC). Without a memorable name, your brand won’t stand out from the competition even with a fantastic logo or slogan that stands out and draws in new clients. We’ve gathered some fantastic suggestions for the organization with this list of significant business names. If none of them are exactly what you’re looking for, see our advice on how to locate your best fit if none of them do.

Have you ever observed that businesses with names ending in FZE, FZC, FZ LLC, L.L.C, Limited, Ltd. are located in the United Arab Emirates? Or frequently, additional words are even added to the name you first suggested.

1. Rules and Guidelines of a Company Name

• The activity’s name shouldn’t contradict it.

• The company name should reflect the nature of the firm; for instance, you cannot use (A B C) as a trade name for a consulting license; it should instead be (A B C Consultancy or similar).

• If the company name is protected or subject to copyright, it shouldn’t be reserved. UAE, Emirates, as well as the names of some districts, cities, and airport codes, are restricted terms.

• The words “International,” “Middle East,” or “Global” cannot begin the company’s trade name. It cannot be translated either.

• Even if the company name is a person’s name, it shouldn’t contain offensive or indecent terms or otherwise offend the public.

• Neither in Arabic nor in English, the company name should contain the name of Allah, the word “God,” or any of His divine characteristics, such as AL QADER, AL ALEEM, AL RAZZAQ, etc.

• Unless the initial name is included and must be the name of one of the prospective shareholders, family names, tribe names, and other names should not be used as trade business names. If a first name is associated with one of the proposed shareholders, it may be used. Only if the first name was included would family names be used. does not apply to names with additional uses or meanings.

• Company names are phonetically translated rather than literally into Arabic; branches with Arabic-language parent documents are exempt.

• The corporate name is examined for availability in priority order.

• The names of the branches must be an identical match to those of the parent firm.

• To comply with the DED system requirement, the company name must have more than three letters or digits; operating names are exempt.

• All punctuation marks and other special characters, with the exception of “&,” shall be absent from the corporation name. Operating name is not required.

• The company names and their abbreviations cannot be the same as those of governmental bodies.

• The company names cannot contain any references to international political organizations or sectarian religious groups, such as FBI, Vatican, etc.

• The company name should not entirely or partially comprise any local or international active brands, government initiatives, or names that are used by any international companies.

• If the proposed corporation name is too similar to an actual local or DED company that engages in related operations, it will not be approved.

• A country’s or government’s name should not appear in the corporation name unless permission has been granted by the embassy of the relevant nation.

• If the proposed name is trademarked or locally registered, NOCs, copies of commercial licenses, share certificates, valid franchise agreements, etc. must be produced.

• The Operating Name must adhere to the aforementioned guidelines and not conflict with the name of the firm or the nature of its business.

• A trade name certificate has a six-month expiration date.

2. Permitted Characters And Name Format

1. The lowercase letters A through Z.

2. The numbers 0 to 9, but only if the Registrar is satisfied that it is obvious from the context that the name is not a company number name. A company name other than a company number name may only contain one or more numerals.

3. Any type of roman numeral.

4. The “&” sign. (No other symbols are allowed.)

5. The Registrar has the discretion to permit the use of (a) accents with one or more letters and (b) symbols that designate a specific currency, either generally or on an individual basis.

6. “Limited,” “Incorporated,” or “Unlimited,” or the abbreviations “Ltd,” “Inc,” or “Unltd,” should follow the company name (whichever is applicable).

7. Where applicable, the term “Segregated Portfolio Company” or the abbreviation “SPC” shall appear in the corporation name.

8. The corporation’s name, including the extension, must be written in capital letters throughout the Certificate of Incorporation.

9. Periods will be used to separate the initials in corporation names (.) There won’t be a period following the final letter of the initials.

10. It is not acceptable to use a space between individual characters (such as A B C Limited).


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