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Introduction of Madrid Union Protocol:

The Madrid Union System, which supports trade in global markets that make up more than 80% of the worldwide market, is the only approach for international trademark registration. It was founded in 1891 and procedures according to the Madrid Agreement (1891), as well as the Madrid Protocol (1989). It is managed by the Geneva, Switzerland-based International Bureau of the Worldwide Intellectual Property Organization. In addition to the nations of the European Union (EU), the most of developed nations, and a large number of emerging and transitional economies, the system provides simultaneous International protection on the territory of its members. WIPO assists worldwide companies, from large businesses to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), by offering top-notch international IP services to help safeguard corporate investments in innovation.

You are allowed to use the Madrid Union System of trademark registration if you are associated to a membership of it personally or professionally. This means that you shall be a citizen as well to get your primary residence in, or get a commercial business or industrial among of  128 countries that covered by the Madrid System’s 112.

Application Registration Process:

First Stage: Utilize your regional or national IP office to submit an application. You must first register with or submit an application to your “home” IP Office (office of origins) before you may submit an international application. Your worldwide application must then be submitted by this same IP Office, that will verify it and send it to WIPO.

Second Stage:  Official assessment by WIPO Your international application is formally examined by WIPO. Your mark is entered into the International Registration and made public in the WIPO Gazette of International Trademarks once it has been approved. As specified in your international registration, WIPO will then provide you a certificate of your international registration and inform the IP Offices (office of origins) in all the countries where you intend to have the protection of your mark.

Third Stage:  Substantive evaluation by selected national or regional offices the origins Offices of the regions in which you’ve registered for protection will examine your mark in accordance with their laws and determine if it can be protected in those countries between 12 or 18 months. Following the consolidation of the International Registration, WIPO will let you know of its judgments. If an IP Office decides not to fully or partly protect your international trademark, their choice will not have any bearing on other IP Offices’ choices. Additionally, you can address the relevant IP Office directly with your complaint. If an IP Office ultimately decides to issue you trademark protection, it will note the protection granted. Your mark’s international registration is legitimate for ten years.

Designated countries in Madrid Union:

There are now 112 members of the Madrid Union, representing 128 nations. And over 80% of global trade is represented by these members, with room for growth as membership increases.

Any of the selected nations may raise an opposition to your trademark; but, if they are successful, only the international registration in that region would be impacted.

You can be required to contribute to the opposing party’s expenditures if someone challenges your trademark and you withdraw or lose your challenge to the opposition.

Any costs involved are determined in accordance with the national offices’ laws in the specified nations. And In the event that your overseas application is rejected, you might want to see a specialist.

International Trademark service Time:

Estimated service delivery period is 12 to 18 months from the moment the specified nations receive the application.

Filling International Application Steps:

The official form (MM23) developed by the Foreign Bureau or a form with the similar contents and format must be used to submit the request for the merging of international registrations arising from the registration of a partial change in ownership to the International Bureau.

First Item: Identity of the Owner For all of the international registration that have been asked to be combined, the name of the owner must match the name listed in the International Registration.

Second Item: International Registration. It must be specified how many international registrations will be combined.

Third Item: The Owner’s or Their Representative’s signature. The owner or the registered representative shall sign the application if it is delivered immediately to the International Bureau.

Forth Item: Submitting the Request is the Office of the Contracting Party of the Holder. When a request to register a combination is made through an Office, that Office shall sign the application.

Trademark protection certificate:

The International Bureau will register the trademark in the International Registration if the international application complies with all requirements needed.

The International Bureau will also provide a certificate of the international registration to the applicant and inform the Offices of the specified Contracting Parties, IP office, and Ip office of the international registration or representative.

Therefore, this does not imply that the trademark is immediately registered in each of the named nations. Each Contracting Party shall review the trademark in accordance with its own laws, as was previously stated.

The certificate of International trademark protection under the Madrid protocol and it will take 10 years till expiration date within 6 months as grace period

status of International Trademark Application:

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Registration Fees:

Basic fees where no reproduction of the mark is in color | CHF 653.00

Fees of contracting parties| CHF 18,774.00

Complementary fee| CHF 4,400.00

Grand Total |CHF 23,827.00

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