Trademark Class 25 – Clothing, Footwear and Headgear


Trademark class 25 is globally recognized and famous for containing trademarks that are related to clothing, footwear, and headgear. Class 25 is known to be the once of suitable classes for distinguishing 45 classes due to its divers-ability in nature of trademarks and service marks provided in the internationally recognized list of trademark classification. Every individual or company who is engaged in the businesses of these types of goods or objects is obligated by the law to register its trademark under this specific trademark class 25.

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Types of goods come under Trademark Class 25:

  • Bathrobes,
  • Bathing caps,
  • Bathing trunks,
  • Swimsuits,
  • Beach clothes.

Types of goods that do not come under Trademark Class 25:

The following goods must be classified under Trademark Class 25:

  • albs
  • aprons [clothing]
  • ascots
  • babies’ pants [clothing]
  • bandanas [neckerchiefs]
  • bath sandals
  • bath slippers
  • bath robes
  • bathing caps
  • bathing trunks / bathing drawers
  • bathing suits / swimsuits
  • beach clothes
  • beach shoes
  • belts [clothing]
  • berets
  • bibs, not of paper
  • boas [necklets]
  • bodices [lingerie]
  • boot uppers
  • boots*
  • boots for sports*
  • boxer shorts
  • brassieres
  • breeches for wear
  • camisoles
  • cap peaks
  • caps [headwear]
  • chasubles
  • clothing*
  • clothing for gymnastics
  • clothing of imitations of leather
  • clothing of leather
  • coats
  • collars [clothing]
  • combinations [clothing]
  • corselets
  • corsets [underclothing]
  • cuffs / wristbands [clothing]
  • cyclists’ clothing
  • detachable collars
  • dress shields
  • dresses
  • dressing gowns
  • ear muffs [clothing]
  • esparto shoes or sandals
  • fishing vests
  • fittings of metal for footwear
  • football shoes / football boots
  • footmuffs, not electrically heated
  • footwear*
  • footwear uppers
  • fur stoles
  • furs [clothing]
  • gabardines [clothing]
  • galoshes / goloshes
  • garters
  • girdles
  • gloves [clothing]
  • gymnastic shoes
  • half-boots
  • hat frames [skeletons]
  • hats
  • headbands [clothing]
  • headgear for wear
  • heelpieces for stockings
  • heelpieces for footwear
  • heels
  • hoods [clothing]
  • hosiery
  • jackets [clothing]
  • jerseys [clothing]
  • jumper dresses / pinafore dresses
  • knickers / panties
  • knitwear [clothing]
  • lace boots
  • layettes [clothing]
  • leggings [leg warmers] / leg warmers
  • leggings [trousers]
  • liveries
  • maniples
  • mantillas
  • masquerade costumes
  • mitres [hats] / miters [hats]
  • mittens
  • money belts [clothing]
  • motorists’ clothing
  • muffs [clothing]
  • neck scarves [mufflers] / mufflers [neck scarves] / neck scarfs [mufflers]
  • neckties
  • non-slipping devices for footwear
  • outerclothing
  • overalls / smocks
  • overcoats / topcoats
  • paper clothing
  • paper hats [clothing]
  • parkas
  • pelerines
  • pelisses
  • petticoats
  • pocket squares
  • pockets for clothing
  • ponchos
  • pyjamas / pajamas (Am.)
  • ready-made clothing
  • ready-made linings [parts of clothing]
  • sandals
  • saris
  • sarongs
  • sashes for wear
  • scarves / scarfs
  • shawls
  • shirt fronts
  • shirt yokes
  • shirts
  • shoes*
  • short-sleeve shirts
  • shower caps
  • ski boots
  • ski gloves
  • skirts
  • skorts
  • skull caps
  • sleep masks
  • slippers
  • slips [undergarments]
  • sock suspenders
  • socks
  • inner soles
  • soles for footwear
  • spats / gaiters
  • sports jerseys
  • sports shoes*
  • sports singlets
  • stocking suspenders
  • stockings
  • studs for football boots
  • stuff jackets [clothing]
  • suits
  • suspenders / braces for clothing [suspenders]
  • sweat-absorbent stockings
  • sweat-absorbent underclothing / sweat-absorbent underwear
  • sweaters / jumpers [pullovers] / pullovers
  • teddies [undergarments]
  • tee-shirts
  • tights
  • tips for footwear
  • togas
  • top hats
  • trouser straps / gaiter straps
  • trousers / pants (Am.)
  • turbans
  • underpants
  • underwear / underclothing
  • uniforms
  • valenki [felted boots]
  • veils [clothing]
  • visors [headwear]
  • waistcoats / vests
  • waterproof clothing
  • welts for footwear
  • wet suits for water-skiing
  • wimples
  • wooden shoes

You must indicate the correct class at the time you are registering a trademark. If you list the incorrect class, you must start the application process over.


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Trademark applicants should be engaged in application procedures established by the UAE Ministry of Economy to register the trademark successfully and to deal with all documents related to trademark registration and notifications to competent authorities.

Furthermore, in addition to detailed knowledge of the law, the applicant needs to know Arabic because when filling initial trademark applications, the form must be completed in English and Arabic, also the brand logo and trademark meaning should be approached bilingually. Properly filling application is time and cost-effective condition to be followed by the applicant.

Appointing the trademark agent in UAE has other benefits for not only helping businesses to register their trademarks in the UAE but also advising businesses on how to protect brands from their competitors and counterfeit products in the UAE market.

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