7 Reasons Why Trademarks are Important for Start-ups

With today’s modern world, people are constantly bombarded by trademarks in their daily lives. Consider the phrases Band-aid, Jacuzzi, Super-glue, Pampers, and Chapstick, to mention a few; customers instinctively associate these trademarks with genuine things rather than companies. So, how can you trademark a name, and what are the advantages and significance of intellectual property?

The question raises of how trademarks facilitate the success of startups and the benefits of trademark registration in the long run.

Here are seven reasons why trademarks are important for start-ups:

  1. They Help to Build Brand Recognition

Startups may protect their brand by trademarking it. By trademarking a company name, one distinguishes its services and products from those of competitors, thereby acquiring intellectual property. This prevents competitors from copying or stealing their brand.

  1. It serves as an incentive for employees to join.

When a startup has a trademark, it is critical that it maintains a favorable reputation. People are more likely to work with and for a company that has a strong reputation. This is especially true when it comes to expansion. More staff are required as a startup if the firm is to grow. This necessitates the creation of a budget, making the trademark an essential asset when applying for a company credit.

  1. It prevents future legal issues

Failure to register a trademark exposes a company to litigation from firms who did register one under the same name, sign, slogan, or design. If this occurs, a company will be obliged to change everything it created, including the campaign, website content, and, to a significant measure, its brand identity.

  1. A trademark is valid for a lifetime.

A trademark is perpetual, requiring just periodic renewal. Consider the aforementioned giant enterprises, Pampers and Jacuzzi; they have been powerhouses in their respective fields for decades and will continue to prosper in the future. This highlights the need of undertaking rigorous trademark research to ensure that a startup’s application is not denied by the regulating authority.

As a result, it is prudent to retain the services of a reputable Intellectual Property service provider with a good reputation to assist you with trademarking your business.

  1. It is a company’s most valuable asset.

It can serve as a catalyst for increased value as a startup firm grows, especially if the startup continues to grow. As a result, it is critical to employ a trademark in marketing techniques to improve brand awareness and attract more customers.

Consumers will identify a startup’s trademark with how the firm operates once it has established a favorable reputation for its product or service. Trademarks are extremely useful when a company wishes to:

  • Increase the variety of its products or services.
  • Expand into franchising via licensing, and
  • increase your worth by selling your company.
  1. It communicates to others that you mean business.

It’s no secret that trademarks provide credibility to a company’s name; consider Disney. Imagine if Disney did not trademark their name or brand. Consider the legal mayhem that would result; individuals would battle tooth and nail to profit from the empire of success that surrounds their registered brand.

Furthermore, if a company has a trademark tied to its brand, it shows the world and competitors alike that they believe in their company’s success and that they have something worth copying. That may seem morbid, but it is the truth.

  1. It Provides a Sense of Freedom

It’s no secret that the industry is extremely saturated in a variety of distinct areas varying in size and function. It’s a gruesome scene. Being even the smallest fish in the smallest pond as a startup is difficult. In this regard, a trademark might serve as a crutch; once a startup has established itself, it will wish to retain its excellent status.

Trademarking a brand helps a new company to soften the blows of the market by wearing a protective blanket; it both directly and indirectly alerts others that the brains behind the company are serious about business.

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