A Trademark vs Business Name: Do You Know the Difference?

Business Name:

A company’s official name is the name of the person or entity that owns it. It simply denotes the name under which a company operates. It may or may not be trademarked, but it must be federally registered. It must be registered in order to meet the legal criteria for forming a business. The registration of a company name is a contractual necessity.

If you wish to identify your business with a name other than the legal entity, you must register it. A trademark, on the other hand, is a distinct collection of words, signs, design, or a mix of these. It is used to differentiate between market items and services. It protects you from any infringement concerns. Although registering a trademark is not required, it might help your business.


A trademark protects an identity, logo, phrase, expression, word, design, or other thing that associates goods or services with your business. A business name or trade name is the formal name under which your firm conducts business. It is, however, significantly different from trademarks, which are registered in relation with specific items and services.

So, when it comes to trade names or business names, there is nothing that precludes you from having one name for a firm and entirely separate product or service names that you may trademark. So, just because you may register your company under a certain name when you incorporate your firm does not imply you suddenly have a trademark.

These are two very different branches of government looking at it. The Trademarks Office operates independently of the Corporate Office. So, if your names or brand names are important to you, register them as a trademark rather than relying exclusively on the registration of your company name.

A Business Name is a type of registered trademark. The company name is intended to identify the entire organization. Consider “Proctor & Gamble,” a firm with several trademarks. A trademark is a sign, word, or phrase that is legally registered under a corporation or personal name.

Differentiate from competitors:

A trade name is a business name. People are familiar with your company’s name. This is the name you’d use to market and sell your products and services, as opposed to your dba, which is the legal name you register for your firm. Choosing a name for a firm may be the first step in creating a new brand and image for the organization. It is the public’s initial impression of your expanding firm.

Today, it is more difficult than ever to come up with a suitable business name because many of the greatest names have already been trademarked. However, with increased advertising expenditures and competition, a strong name is essential for building a lasting picture of the organization. In summary, the name you pick for your company may make or ruin it.

A trademark must be registered separately from a trading name, and this must be done at the federal level rather than the state level alone. The registration of a trademark grants a person or company exclusive use of the trademark, legally establishes that the trademark was not previously used by any other company prior to your registration of the trademark and provides official government protection against any other business that subsequently infringes your trademark. It also provides legal liability protection if someone subsequently claims that you infringe on a previously licensed trademark.

The Standard Connotation:

A trade name is an official term under which a corporation does business. It is also known as a “doing business as” title, anticipated title, or invented title. A trading title does not manage any brand title security or grant you unlimited rights to use that title. Enlisting an exchange title, on the other hand, is a critical step for some – but not all – businesses (more on this underneath).

A trademark protects your trademark or brand name and may also be associated with your trade name. A trademark may also encompass symbols, logos, and phrases. The company’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets, so it should be protected.

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