Protect your business brand and name by filing an application for a trademark

Your brand is protected by a registered trademark. It gives measures to prevent someone from imitating your branding and riding on the back of your company.

With your brand registered in the UAE, you have the legal right to act against parties that use competing brands and harm your image.

The UAE is regarded as a point of contact for brands and trademarks to expand investment and safeguard intellectual property for enterprises through registration in the UAE. UAE aims to inspire and capture enterprises and entrepreneurs that want to deliver a company concept to our global market. As we all know, all businesses want to develop their brand by registering it in the UAE. Trademarks are diverse forms of names, signatures, figures, logos, phrases, titles, images, seals, hallmarks, or any other combination of markings, according to Federal Decree-Law No. 36 of 2021.

Trademark Application Requirements

Personal Information: Name, Number, Email, Nationality, legal nature.

Trademark details: Trademark information, including the following items: Trademark name, Trademark name translation in English and Arabic, Trademark type, Trademark class, mark description, class number, product explanation.

Entitlement to File: To be entitled to get UAE protection you must have the following in order to be eligible: a trademark logo, a copy of your business’ trademark registration, a passport copy, and a complete home address. Priority documents, if any, Power of Attorney (notarized by the Notary Public & legalized by the UAE), Through the Ministry of Economy Link of local registration, a mark may be registered or a trademark request for protection may be submitted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Following steps are required to complete the process of trademark registration:

  • Trademark Search: initial step to be assure if there are any similarities with any other brands or trademark its undertaken in the process of trademark registration to avoid trademark rejection.
  • Initial pre-approval: Application filling and applying to the Trademark Office UAE Ministry of Economy.
  • Publishing: Trademark application will be issued in trademark official gazette UAE Ministry of Economy to validate if there is any complaint from the third party. Legally the opposition duration is 30 days after the issuing of trademark into the official gazette.
  • Certificate: The certificate will be issued if the third party doesn’t object. For the payment of final registration fees, the Trademark Office does not send out any notifications. The last day of the opposition period is the date from which the final registration payments are due. Upon payment of the final registration fees, the Trademark Office issues the registration certificate. A trademark registration certificate is valid for a period of ten years beginning on the application date.

Status of International Trademark Application:

When you apply for registration trademark in UAE and want to know your application statue, you must choose a highly qualified legal professional company such as (Bait Aljouda Consultation and Training).

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Trademark Registration Fees:

For your information, the trademark registration fees in the UAE have been reduced through the trademark office UAE Ministry. It became as follows:

  • 750 AED for Both Filling application & initial pre-approval & publishing in trademark journal
  • 5000 AED for Certificate

Trademark Registration Renewal:

After the duration of trademark registration is expired you have to renew for another 10 years.

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Trademark Certificate:

The certificate of trademark registration issued through the trademark department of UAE applied for the ministry rules decision number “50” in 2005 regarding recording regeneration agents, it has recorded the specified regeneration agent in the record of trademark registration agents.

Note: Trademark certificate renewal must be after 10 years and must be paid before the expiry date.

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