The International trademark of Madrid protocol is the Geneva-based International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It has been in implementation since April 1996 and has been approved by numerous nations, including the majority of European nations, the USA, Australia, Japan, Russia, and China.  It was also approved by the European Union as a whole in October 2004. If you are connected to a membership of the Madrid System of trademark registration on a personal or professional level, you are permitted to utilize the System. This means that you shall be a citizen as well to get your primary residence in, or get a commercial business or industrial among of 128 countries that covered by the Madrid System’s 112.

The Madrid Protocol and Madrid system are administered by its International Bureau, the two agreements forming the Madrid System). It precisely verifies that the goods and services are accurately categorized and that all filing criteria have been completed when acquiring an international application from an its origin. In that case, the trademark is registered in the International Registration and published in the International Gazette. The offices of the targeted countries are then notified of the international registration by the International Bureau. The offices of the specified countries are responsible for determining whether the trademark as a whole is eligible for protection and whether was the trademark is similar to or identical to it has already been registered. The International Bureau does not emphasis into these issues.


Duration of protection and Validity of Certification:

The Duration of protection of the International Trademark is 10 years then expires as well as the validity of certification within the 6 months of the grace period.

Note: You have to renew according to the grace period

How to renew your International Trademark:

You must fill out the form MM11 through Contact Madrid in order to confirm your renewal for bank payment transfer. The relevant international registration code, the named Contracting Parties for which the renewal is needed, and the specifics of the payment shall all be mentioned in the request.

Renewal Fees:

Basic fees where no reproduction of the mark is in color | CHF 653.00

Fees of contracting parties| CHF 18,774.00

Complementary fee| CHF 4,400.00

Grand Total |CHF 23,827.00

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