Trademark Class 29 -foodstuffs and horticultural products.

Trademark Class 29 consists of vegetables and foodstuffs of animal origin and other horticultural comestible products which are prepared or stored for consumption.

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Types of goods come under Trademark Class 29:

fish, meat, vegetable-based food
– edible insects
– milk beverages with milk prevailing;
– milk substitutes, for instance,
peanut milk, coconut milk, soya milk, almond milk, rice milk.
– preserved mushrooms;
– seeds prepared for human consumption, not being seasonings or flavourings.
– pulses and nuts prepared for human consumption;

Types of goods that do not come under Trademark Class 29:

• oils and fats, other than for food, for instance, essential oils (Cl. 3), industrial oil (Cl. 4), castor oil for medical purposes (Cl. 5)
•dietary supplements (Cl. 5);
• dietetic food and substances adapted for medical use (Cl. 5);
• baby food (Cl. 5);
• chocolate-coated nuts (Cl. 30)
• salad dressings (Cl. 30)• processed seeds for use as a seasoning (Cl. 30);
• seeds for planting (Cl. 31);

• fresh and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (Cl. 31);
• foodstuffs for animals (Cl. 31);
• live animals (Cl. 31);

A complete listing of all the goods in Class 29

• agar-agar for culinary purposes
• protein milk / albumin milk
• alginates for culinary purposes
• almond milk-based beverages
• almond milk for culinary purposes
• almond milk
• aloe vera prepared for human consumption
• almonds, ground
• andouillettes
• anchovy, not live
• apple purée
• animal marrow for food
• arrangements of processed fruit
• aubergine paste / eggplant paste
• artichokes, preserved
• berries, preserved
• bacon
• beans, preserved
• black pudding / blood sausage
• berry soup
• berry-based fool
• broth / bouillon
• bone oil for food
• broth concentrates / bouillon concentrates
• buttercream
• butter
• bulgogi
• cassoulet
• candied nuts
• cabbage rolls stuffed with meat
• caviar
• choucroute garnie
• charcuterie
• cheese
• clams, not live
• coconut butter
• cocoa butter for food
• coconut fat
•  coconut, desiccated
• coconut oil for food
• coconut milk
• coconut milk-based beverages
• coconut milk for culinary purposes
• condensed milk
• compotes
• General Remarks
• abetical
• Modifications
• Search
• Class Headings

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