New UAE Visa Policy Reforms to roll Out from September 2022


UAE visas are a major topic of discussion as the UAE continues to adopt new rules relating to Dubia entry criteria such as tourist visas and business entity visas, among others, in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. As part of its plan to modify its entry permits and visa policies, the UAE will implement some of the new changes beginning in October 2022.

The new system offers tourists a variety of UAE visa types for diverse visit purposes for the first time without them needing a host or sponsor first. These visas offer flexible periods to meet the needs of travelers and the goals of their journey.

The following is a list of the updated tourist visas and new entry visas that will be in force

• Visitor Visa: Under the new visa, guests to the UAE will be permitted to stay for 60 days contrary to the prior limit of 30 days.

• Business entry visa: The purpose of Dubai entry requirements which do not require sponsorship or host, is to persuade investors and businesspeople to think about business and investment opportunities in the UAE.

• Permit to visit family or friends: Per the most recent modification, a visitor who is a friend or relative of a UAE national or resident may request this type of admission authorization. A sponsor or host is not required.

• Tourist Visa for Dubai: Tourist Visa with Multiple Entrances Without a sponsor, tourists can stay in the UAE for up to 90 days with the option of an extra 90 days with the new five-year multi-entry tourist visa. A person may stay for a maximum of 180 days on this tourist visa. The candidate must have a bank balance of $4,000 (Dh14,700) or its equal in foreign currency within the previous six months to apply.

• Visa for study or training: This kind of UAE visa is for people or students who want to engage in academic or professional training programs or internships. Institutions of higher learning and research, both public and private, may recommend applicants for this visa. The organization must provide a statement explaining the details and duration of the training, study, or internship program.

• Permits for entry for a short-term job: This visa is intended for those with temporary employment, such as a project-based assignment or a probationary period. This visa is sponsored by the employer. It requires both proof of one’s physical and mental competence for the job and a temporary employment agreement or letter from the employer detailing the purpose of the visit.

Jobseeker Visa at the entry-level: This visa is available to anyone with the first, second, or third skill level, along with recent graduates from the top 500 colleges worldwide, based on the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is the minimum educational qualification. This visa does not require a host or sponsor.

The UAE is moving closer to becoming the ideal destination for employment, business, commerce, education, and living by modernizing its entrance and resident procedures. The key entry and residence changes that the UAE has adopted are these new visas and entry permits. Both foreigners traveling to the UAE and those who live and work there would benefit greatly from the new procedure. As a result, the UAE will offer more facilities with UAE Visas, making it even more welcoming to foreigners and those looking to settle permanently in the emirates.


Visa Types available in UAE

√Golden Visa                                                                                                                                                                        √Silver Visa
√Green Visa
√Freelancer Visa
√Dubai Cultural Visa
√Abu Dhabi Creative Visa
√Job Exploration Entry Visa
√Entry Permit to study and Training
√Business Visa
√Transit, Tourist, and Student Visa
√Remote Work Visa
√Retirement Visa

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