Logo Registration in UAE

The first step in protecting a brand in the UAE is to register a logo or trademark with the UAE Ministry of Economy by applying. Aside from that, few people are aware of the logo registration with Dubai Customs and the Intellectual Property Protection services established by Dubai Economy. Many companies believe that registering a trademark with the UAE Ministry of Economy and obtaining a trademark certificate will safeguard their trademarks from being reproduced and sold on the black market. No, it is not enough. After obtaining a trademark/logo certificate in the UAE, brand owners should register their brands with the UAE Customs and Dubai Economy for further protection.

BACT Consultation is always a one-stop service provider since it assists you with registering your logo, which is your intellectual property. When you establish a firm, you discover you are not alone in the market, therefore you need a distinct identity in the form of a LOGO that conveys vision and profiles concept talk about using letters, words, symbols, digits, headers, signatures, devices, or any combination of these.

Document Required for Logo Registration

  • The logo in soft copy
  • Copy of the signing authority’s passport
  • Trade License Copy of the company
  • brief description of the trademarked products/services

Advantages of Logo Registration

  • Can be used as a marketing tool
  • Is considered the property of the holder and is protected by law
  • A copycat company cannot cause loss of business or damage the reputation of your trade. Means competitors cannot copy your trade name, trademark, or intellectual property
  • You may sue for infringement under trademarks law
  • More evidence of the ownership of the trademark
  • Renewal after every 10 years
  • Securing Exclusivity
  • Geographical Coverage
  • Controlling the Use of your Brand by Others
  • Capturing the Value of what you Create
  • Deterring and Preventing Others – Before other traders choose their brand names – When other traders seek to register their brand names as trademarks – When you discover another trader using a conflicting mark in the marketplace – Trademarks Act 1995
  • Renewal after every 10 years

Limitation of Logo Registration

  • Offenses against public morals and religions
  • Public emblems, flags, and other symbols pertaining to the state, international organizations, or institutions.
  • Translation of Well-Known marks
  • Symbols of the Red Crescent or the Red Cross
  • Any mark that is similar to the symbols of the religious nature
  • Geographical names
  • Titles and name of the third party

Why do you need Business Consultant in U.A.E.

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