Five reasons why every company must have their trademark registered in the UAE

Introducing a new brand into a highly competitive market like the UAE has a unique set of issues that brand owners must properly address. Constant changes in the market, technology, and consumer behavior force firms to devise new brand development strategies to differentiate themselves from their competition. Regardless of the type of the business, protecting the brand’s value through trademark registration in Dubai is critical.

A registered trademark efficiently protects the brand from rivals and counterfeits while also assisting company owners in gaining customer confidence. In this article, we will examine why trademark protection should be your priority when building a brand strategy for your company.

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  1. Trademarks help to establish brand identification.

A registered trademark allows clients to easily recognize your brand among a sea of similar items or services on the market. Consumers can read your company’s ideals or messages by using a registered brand name or emblem that leaves an indelible imprint on their brains. A UAE trademark sends a clear statement to customers about the brand owner, the company’s reputation, goods, and services.

  1. Makes it easy for customers to reach you

Trademarks are important for SMEs to gain an upper hand in the market, as consumers have a wide range of choices in a highly dynamic market like Dubai.

  1. Helps attract investors

Startups sometimes make the mistake of avoiding trademark registration in the UAE, assuming that brand registration is only necessary for large corporations. In fact, startups would find it difficult to persuade potential investors to invest in their businesses if they have not registered with the UAE Trademark Office. The lack of a registered trademark may lead investors to believe that the entrepreneur has not yet considered the startup’s future. Consult with authorized trademark agents in Dubai before going out to find possible investors.

  1. Stops counterfeit

Trademark registration in the UAE is not required, however it is strongly encouraged because neglecting to register your brands allows competitors to abuse your value. Trademarks define a company’s identity, but competitors might steal that identity by using similar names or producing counterfeit goods under your brand name. Customers may become confused if they see brand names or logos that are identical to yours.

  1. A company’s greatest asset

Trademarks are the most valuable assets a corporation can have. The value of a trademark rises as the firm matures or expands. When a company plans to do the following, its trademarks will be extremely valuable:

  1. a) Product and service diversification
  2. b) Licensing-based franchising
  3. d) Selling the business

Why do you need Trademark Agent in U.A.E ?

Registering a trademark in the UAE requires extensive knowledge of the Trademark laws in the UAE and knowledge of the Nice classification List to select the right trademark class under which trademark falls to satisfy and protect trademark applicant needs.

Trademark applicant should be engaged in application procedure established by the UAE Ministry of Economy to register the trademark successfully and to deal with all documents related to trademark registration and notifications to competent authorities.

Furthermore, in addition to detailed knowledge of the law, the applicant needs to know Arabic because when filling initial trademark application, the form must be completed in English and Arabic, also the brand logo and trademark meaning should be approached bilingually. Properly filling application is time and cost-effective condition to be followed by applicant. Appointing the trademark agent in UAE has other benefits for not only help businesses to register their trademarks in the UAE but also advise businesses on how to protect brand from their competitors and counterfeit products in the UAE market.

The role of trademark agents in registering the trademarks is necessary as in the UAE is mandatory for foreign businesses to appoint a trademark agent. perhaps one of the most important items in the protection of his brand that the applicant cannot do alone because he is not sufficiently informed and thus risks missing the complaint process against a third party, is the trademark monitoring done by only experienced trademark agents.

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