Expo 2020 Dubai: UAE welcomes the Year of the Tiger

The Chinese community in the UAE celebrated the Lunar New Year with family feasts and musical performances, paying homage to tradition while wishing for better times ahead.

The Year of the Tiger was celebrated in grand style, with hundreds of people flocking to Expo 2020 Dubai to marvel at a variety of colorful cultural performances and beautiful costume displays.

Others stayed at home for quiet celebrations, reflecting on difficult times and pondering what the future could hold.

The activities gave joy and optimism to many Chinese citizens who had been unable to visit their homeland for the preceding two years because to stringent travel restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic.

One of the most important occasions in the Chinese calendar is the Lunar New Year, which began on Tuesday.

It is also known as the Spring Festival, and it is marked with celebrations to welcome in good fortune and wealth.

Traditions include making short Chinese couplets to display on the front entrance, hanging glittering lights throughout the house, and giving money for youngsters in bright red envelopes.

Liu Yanhui, a Dubai resident, and her team at the Institute have been teaching a group of young children to sing Mandarin songs.

The calligraphy artist demonstrated the intricate and delicate art to visitors at the China pavilion.