Dubai Moon in UAE for $5 billion suggested as UAE shoots stars

Dubai Moon in UAE for $5 billion suggested as UAE shoots stars

(No Need to Visit Nasa anymore to visit the moon)


Dubai Moon is a suggested giant project that cost about $5 billion as a kind of huge destination resort, intellectual property licencor, and Canadian architectural company.

Dubai Moon was established by Michael R. Henderson and Sandra G. Matthews, this design is planned to be built in 48 months, with 224 meters as the overall height.

Dubai Moon once constructed, is expected to rise from the value of the UAE economy in various sectors, such as education, entertainment, hospitality, and of course space tourism. (Henderson said).

Dubai Moon will make you able to walk on the moon with enough cost,  it’s a Lunar Colony but on our Earth.

Dubai Moon going to be the hugest successful modern tourism day in the MENA region. This will help to increase the number of visitors to Dubai by double which is expected to register 2.5 million guests every year. In addition to building brand awareness of this new fascinating experience.

The resort of Dubai Moon is emphasized in most modern architecture engineering, technology, and design. Dubai moon also will provide a training platform for several space agencies and their astronauts. “Sky Villas” is a boutique that will be a private residence on the moon as well as luxury units accommodated internally with giant disc buildings. According to Henderson, 300 units will be available for sale and Sky villa owners will be members of an exclusive members club.


Guests have a variety of activities such as the Wellness section, Spa, event center, nightclubs, and global meetings section. In addition to the in-house moon shuttle and lounge which didn’t reveal yet.

MWR is now organizing a 2023 global road-show series to introduce Moon to prospective regional licensees. One of these shows will take place in the MENA area, maybe in Dubai, UAE; other prospective locations include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait, according to Henderson.

“A one-year pre-development program will be begun followed by a four-year build-out program, after the single MENA regional license has been completed and the exact location has been determined.”

It is suggested that Moon Dubai operate under a gold LEED certification, a 5-star built-out standard, as well as an operational 5-diamond resort standard.

Four Moon destination resorts (also known as regional licenses) are planned to be licensed by MWR, one in each of the following regions: North America, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, and Asia.

Now, UAE is researching business potential related to celestial bodies, creating satellite ICT systems, and applying the most recent space technologies on Earth. UAE recently set aside $820 million to support its ambitious space aspirations, with the first goal of constructing satellites.

According to that, UAE now organizes a series of 2023 global road-show to introduce Dubai moon to prospective region licenses. These shows will be provided in the Middle East including, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar. After the single MENA area license has been completed and determined the exact location, one-year program will be started followed by the 4-year build of the program.

Additionally, to suggest Dubai moon operate based on LEED Certification as well as operational five diamond resort standards.

Eventually, UAE planned to be licensed by MWR in one of the following areas, the Middle East, North Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia.


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