Company Limited by Shares (CLS) known by the appoints that the stakeholders’ liability to the company’s creditors is limited to the capital initially invested, or the nominal value of the shares plus any premium paid in exchange for the company issuing the shares.
The business name must contain these words  like, “Incorporated”, or the initials “Ltd” or “Limited” or  “Inc.”

There must always be at least one stakeholder and one director in this form of company. The CLS has the option of issuing bonuses, partially paid, or unpaid shares. More than one person may hold shares as joint owners. Each of these joint owners’ names must be recorded as holders of the appropriate shares in the register of members. The conditions under which share certificates will be issued must be specified in a company’s articles of incorporation. These share certificates must be signed by at least one corporate director.

Attributes of a Company Limited by Shares (CLS)
The responsibility of shareholders is only extended to the amount of money they have invested or have agreed to commit, which is a crucial component of a Company Limited by Shares CLS. A minimum of one shareholder and one director must always be present in a CLS. Bonus shares partially paid shares, and unpaid shares can all be issued by a CLS. Shares may be held jointly for succession planning by more than one person.

Further optional features
•  Limitless capability
• Restricted intent
• Either limitless or finite
•  segregated Portfolios holdings that protect assets from liability

Possible usability of a Company Limited by Shares (CLS)
RAK ICC companies limited by shares are adaptable and straightforward organizational entities that can be used for a variety of things, including:
• International business company: A adaptable company structure that promotes international trade and investment.
• Holding company: An adaptable corporate structure for holding stock in subsidiary businesses.
• Specific Purpose Vehicle: A company created to hold particular assets, including real estate. Without implicating local notaries or land registries. Shares of the RAK company were sold indirectly for the primary asset
• Joint Venture Company:
All the rights of the shareholders of the joint venture company are outlined in the joint venture company, the rights of the shareholders may be outlined in the memorandum, articles, or in a separate shareholders agreement.
•  Project company: A way to own and run a particular project while minimizing the liability exposure of shareholders.
• Family office: a private entity with little disclosure requirements.
• Segregated portfolio: Companies can protect every asset from liability and allow the division of ownership from control and management through using segregated portfolios for various assets.

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