Coding, automation set to drive digital economy

Coding and automation are new development drivers that may play a critical role in promoting the digital economy throughout the world, and the UAE’s recent reforms and measures to recruit AI businesses and programmers will ultimately help the country in general and Dubai in particular.

In accordance with government policy, Dash Venture Labs, which works to assist entrepreneurs develop sustainable businesses and scale-up, has released a ‘Start-up Guide for Coders,’ which gives step-by-step guidance on how to become a successful coder in the UAE.

The handbook is organized mostly into three sections: 1) Coding Fundamentals, 2) UAE – Best Place to Become a Coder, and 3) How Dash Venture Labs will assist you in becoming a successful coder in the UAE. These parts are intended to give an in-depth explanation of the subject, how it is utilized by companies throughout the world, and the advantages of being a programmer in a technologically driven world.

Furthermore, as businesses aim to improve their operational efficiency through automation, the book explains how coding as a career will present a variety of options for fresh aspirants while also upgrading the abilities of seasoned experts.

The first portion of the booklet discusses the significance of coding in today’s shifting corporate climate. It examines how computer programming has evolved into a problem solver in today’s competitive technology-driven world, and how it plays a crucial part in increasing operational efficiency for firms to remain competitive in any sector. It also discusses the most popular coding languages and jobs pursued by hopefuls, which are assisting the UAE’s IT industry to thrive.

The second half of the guide focuses on the UAE government’s involvement and recent endeavors to promote itself as the GCC region’s technological powerhouse. The UAE government prioritizes the expansion of the digital economy in order to expedite the development of the country’s rising talent and knowledge in the digital industry. Furthermore, it is an important component of the UAE government’s ambitious goals to diversify into a knowledge-based economy. To speed up the process, the government has taken many steps in the last two years to encourage entrepreneurship, with a particular emphasis on freelancers.

The third segment of the tutorial focuses on Dash Venture Labs’ involvement in making it easier to become a successful developer in the UAE. Dash Venture Labs offers a wide range of services, from coaching/learning classes to help you become a coder to helping you start up a business or become a freelancer in the UAE. Furthermore, the organization seeks to assist aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers in establishing successful enterprises by providing effective and dependable answers to any challenges associated with establishing a firm.

According to Shailesh Dash, CEO of Dash Venture Labs, the UAE government recognizes the value of digitalization in a fast changing corporate environment. As a result, during the last two years, it has undertaken a series of historic projects that are really innovative and targeted at establishing a global digital economy.

“The government’s decision to allow foreigners to own 100 per cent of businesses and reform its visa processes was an important step in providing business-friendly policies and attracting talented individuals to the UAE,” Dash said.

Furthermore, he said the government has launched 10 initiatives to empower 15,000 coders in the UAE in the next six months.

“Hence, we decided that it is an opportune to launch the “Start-Up Guide for Coders”, which provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide for individuals looking at becoming a successful software coder in the UAE. Our primary focus was to highlight the key insights on the importance of coding in today’s world and how it is transforming businesses to gain competitive advantage in fast evolving industries,” Dash concluded.