Register your trademark today, and keep others away.

If you didn’t register your trademark yet, you would lose the opportunity to protect your company name.

What is a trademark?

  • A Trademark is generally a part or a combination of a name, word, phrase, design, image, logo, symbol. Or may be depend on color, smell or sound. It used to identify goods and services.
  • A trademark typically protects brand names and logos used on good and services. It is the best way to distinguish your business from competitors. It is important to be assure that the mark you want to register is registrable, and it is strong enough to be protected.

Why to register a trademark?

  • Good reputation is provided to your company by having a trademark, which reflect on your company ability positively to attract qualified employees. Increase loyalty of existing employees.
  • Trademark is perpetual, even it needs to renewal.
  •  Some brands are remembered through generation, some of them are recognized for over a century. The more the business grows, the more valuable the brand will be.
  • The business which has its trademark related to its brand, give the impression about the success of the company.
  • The brand attracts the customer into media platforms when he looks for goods or services. And even in traditional market it catches the customer attention.
  • Trademark protects the company from others using their name from copying of its products or services.

It is the right step to register your trademark.