How to obtain UAE Golden Visa for property investors



Obtaining a Golden visa, a sort of visa for the UAE that allows foreigners to live, work, or study there while enjoying special privileges, allowing them to do so for an extended period of time. Those who qualify for the Golden visa include scientists, entrepreneurs, frontline heroes, humanitarian trailblazers, exceptional students and graduates, and people who can obtain a Visa through investment. Discover digital services to submit for the Dubai Golden Visa and read about its advantages.

Undoubtedly, receiving a golden visa from the UAE has its benefits. You can travel freely within and outside of the UAE if you have a long-term residency there. With an investment of as little as AED 2 million, UAE real estate investors can now have access to a golden visa.

Real estate investors are eligible for the golden visa even if they borrow money from certain local institutions to buy a property. Off-plan properties may also qualify for the golden visa as long as they were purchased from recognized local real estate firms. A list of off-plan homes that one can purchase to qualify for the golden visa is provided below. The entrance threshold for obtaining a golden visa may occasionally be lowered by developers offering payment plans that allow you to qualify for one with an investment as low as 10% without a mortgage (AED 200,000) and 25% with one (AED 500,000).

Regulations have changed for Dubai. The introduction of Visa in April 2022 has sparked a flood of new domestic and international investors, supporting Dubai’s real estate market and generating record-breaking deals. The overall number of transactions in the residential market in Dubai reached a 13-year high in May, based on a survey by CBRE, as investors, high-net-worth individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs planned business migration to the city.

Advantages of a UAE Golden Visa the benefits of holding a UAE golden visa are as follows:
1. Ten years of residency in the UAE, renewable.
2. No employer or sponsor is necessary.
3. The length of time spent outside the UAE does not invalidate the status of golden residency.
4. Multiple entries are allowed to obtain the golden visa residency; the initial entry visa is valid for 5 months.
5. Families may apply for additional golden visas, including spouses and children without age restrictions.
6. Family members of visa holders who pass away can maintain their status as golden residents until the end of the term.

How to submit for the UAE Golden Visa For 5-YEARS (Required Documents)
1. Passport
2. Having a digital copy of the title deed certificate available
3. A private image
4. Reliable medical insurance
5. Genuine ID from Emirates

Condition Required (Any one)
1. A property or owned share worth at least $2 million that is registered in the applicant’s name
2. If the property is mortgaged, the bank must receive at least $200,000 of the property value. In this situation, a note confirming payment and a NOC should be issued.
3. A husband and wife can live in the same home. As evidence, a marriage license is required.
4. Acquire a home using a loan from one or more local banks.
5. Purchase one or more off-plan homes from recognized local real estate firms for no less than AED 2 million.


1. Medical VIP | 753 AED

2. Emirates ID | 573 AED

3. New visa | 2,288.75 AED

4. Management Fees | 100 AED Total 3714.75 AED


Steps to get the 5-YEAR Investor Golden Visa

Step 1: The client goes to the Cube Center within the Dubai Land Department.

Step 2 is when the client submits the requirements and makes the payment.

Step 3: The Center is where the medical examination is done.

Step 4: Print the passport’s visa page. Time frame predicted: 7 to 10 working days.

Time frame predicted: 7 to 10 working days

How to apply for the UAE Golden Visa 10-YEARS

Steps to get the 10-YEAR Investor Golden Visa

You can use the ICA app/website or AMER centers to submit an online application for the 10-year golden visa. You can apply for a six-month entrance permit here if you don’t currently have a visa.

Through ICA

1. Download the UAEICP app or submit online at the ICA website.

2. Select “Start Service.”

3. Complete the form completely and attach the necessary documents.

4. Cover the service charge

Your application will be examined, and you could be required to provide more supporting information. You should always have your most recent Emirates ID, title deed, picture, and health insurance on available.

Amer Procedures

1. Visit one of the Amer Centers’ service locations.

2. At the front desk, choose the necessary service.

3. Hand over the necessary paperwork to the service representative.

4. Document inspection

5. Cover the service charges

6. Send your application in.


Visa Types available in UAE

√Golden Visa

√Silver Visa
√Green Visa
√Freelancer Visa
√Dubai Cultural Visa
√Abu Dhabi Creative Visa
√Job Exploration Entry Visa
√Entry Permit to study and Training
√Business Visa
√Transit, Tourist, and Student Visa
√Remote Work Visa
√Retirement Visa

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