Eligibility for Visa Residence in UAE

  • If you are working for a company in the UAE, your employer will sponsor your application for a Visa residence in UAE while you are there.
  • Working for the government; in this scenario, the government body will fund your visa application and settle it while you are in the UAE.
  • Investors in UAE-based businesses; in this scenario, the investor will process and apply for his own visa using the company’s registered name as sponsorship.
  • Purchase a Visa residence in the UAE; in this instance, the dwelling owner’s visa will be funded by the residence he owns.

Relatives who are supported by

  • A person who works in the UAE.
  • A businessman or investor in the UAE.
  • A UAE resident who owns the property.
  • Parents, Children, housemaids, and close relatives are examples of dependents.
  • Students sponsored by their colleges in the United Arab Emirates; in this scenario, the college will apply for and fund your visa in its name.
  • Residents who are retired; in this situation, certain restrictions apply.

It should be noted that a foreigner receives a residence visa once they have already arrived in the UAE via an entry permit, a short- or long-term tourist visa, or a visit visa.

Requirements for Visa residence In UAE

Needs applicants who are 18 years of age or older to go through a medical exam to demonstrate that they are physically healthy. They should also pass a security inspection and submit an application to the federal authority for identity and citizenship for an Emirates ID card.

Validity of Visa residence in UAE

Depending on the kind of Visa residence in UAE and the sponsor, the length of the stay varies. It may be for a period of one, two, three, or even five or ten years without a sponsor.

A UAE resident visa may now also be granted for periods of five or ten years, subject to certain requirements. Find out more about the UAE’s five-year retirement visas and long-term resident permits.

Learn more about Abu Dhabi’s long-term golden visas as well as Dubai’s five-year retirement visas (Thrive in Abu Dhabi Program).

Benefits of having a Visa Residence in the UAE

If you are legally residing in the UAE, you are entitled to:

  • Establish a bank account.
  • Use financial resources.
  • Apply for a license to drive
  • Availability of public health services and insurance.
  • Enroll his or her kids in both public and private schools.
  • Work and investment
  • Visit some countries without a visa (check with foreign embassies in the UAE).

Apply online for a Visa Residence in UAE

The following websites accept applications for entrance permits:

  • Channels Portal
  • Visit the GDRFA – Dubai webpage
  • Mobile applications.
  • Google Play and App Store ICA channels.
  • Dubai the App Store and Google Play.

The portal for channels:

People and businesses licensed in the UAE can submit for a new visa or a visa renewal using the channel site. Both individuals and businesses should register before they can apply. It should be noted that entry ports in the UAE accept eVisa, therefore the original visa does not have to be shown before the sponsor arrives.

Mobile Applications:

Applying for an entry visa and a residence visa in UAE can be done by:

  • Android and Apple apps for the ICA UAE.
  • Google Play and the App Store now provide Dubai.

Website of the GDRFA:

Through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)], you can submit an online visa application via the official website.

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Visa Types available in UAE

√Golden Visa
√Green Visa
√Freelancer Visa
√Dubai Cultural Visa
√Abu Dhabi Creative Visa
√Job Exploration Entry Visa
√Entry Permit to study and Training
√Business Visa
√Transit, Tourist, and Student Visa
√Remote Work Visa
√Retirement Visa                                                                                                                                                                √Silver Visa

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