According to the RAK ICC Business Companies Regulations 2018, a “Registered Agent” is a person or corporate organization that has been accredited by an accrediting agency in the UAE. The “Registered Agent” must be engaged in any of the following service activities:

  • Legal services
  • Chartered Accountant Firms
  • Company Administration & Management services
  • Corporate Advisory Services

Required Documents:

  • Corporate profile (only when no website is available)
  • Company Structure Chart up to the UBO (organizational chart)
  • passport copies of UBO, partners & directors
  • CV & Details on compliance officer(s) / AML Officer(s) along with passport copy
  • Complete AML compliance manual including internal KYC policies & procedures/Signed copy of AML & CFT Policy
  • Sanction Questionnaire
  • Copy of professional valid license in the UAE & Tenancy/Lease contract for UAE office
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy declaration
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement & Confidentiality Undertaking
  • Declaration of UBO
  • Agent Onboarding Questionnaire

Registered agent functions and duties:

All offshore jurisdictions need foreign business entities (non-resident corporations) to have a local address. This is referred to as the Registered Address.

The Registered Agent should be located at the company’s Registered Address and should be licensed to provide professional company formation, administration, and management services. As a result, the Registered Agent is often a fully staffed, equipped, trained, and regulated organization that delivers such services to many customers and their worldwide business firms.

Every offshore company’s Registered Agent’s name and address is submitted with the Registrar of Companies. The registered agent’s office is the company’s physical presence. A staffed office location is required if notices or communications are to be delivered to the firm by the Registry / creditors / Court. In essence, the Registered Agent serves as an “intermediary” between the government and the offshore corporation, as well as between any other parties and the foreign business firm.

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