According to Twitter, the most popular event hashtag of the year was Expo 2020

According to Twitter, the most popular event hashtags in the UAE for 2021 is “Expo 2020 Dubai”. The six-month world’s fair was voted the winner after the social media site calculated the number of times various major events were tagged in tweets.

Expo 2020 Dubai welcomed guests on October 1 and will continue to do so until March 31, 2020.

The top four event hashtags all commemorated significant historical and cultural occasions in the area. The hashtag for Ramadan came in second, followed by those commemorating Arafat and the recent national milestone Year of the 50th.

Sheikh Mohammed was also the author of the UAE’s second most popular tweet.

It was published in February to commemorate the first attempt by the Hope space mission to enter the orbit of Mars. More than 36,000 people liked the tweet.

Each year at the end of the year, Twitter celebrates the most important discussions that took place on the site. Hashtags, usernames, tweets, and emojis are analyzed to see which stories dominated public discourse in the preceding year.