Human Resource (HR)

What exactly is Human Resources?

Human resources (HR) is the umbrella term used to describe the management and development of employees in an organisation. Ultimately, it’s all about increasing employee performance.

Traditionally, HR focused on hiring, firing and the old-school annual pay review. But more recently HR has been positively reframed and now covers a much wider remit.

Basic functions of HR include:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Managing payroll
  • Employee benefits
  • Holiday management
  • Training and development
  • Employment law compliance
  • Safety compliance

More than this, HR plays a significant role in developing positive business culture and improving employee engagement and productivity. The HR function also takes the lead on employee wellness and personal development.

Human Resource Planning

It is the HRP process which helps the management of the organization in meeting the future demand of human resource in the organization with the supply of the appropriate people in appropriate numbers at the appropriate time and place. Further, it is only after proper analysis of the HR requirements can the process of recruitment and selection be initiated by the management. Also, HRP is essential in successfully achieving the strategies and objectives of organization. In fact, with the element of strategies and long term objectives of the organization being widely associated with human resource planning these days, HR Planning has now became Strategic HR Planning.

Though, HR Planning may sound quite simple a process of managing the numbers in terms of human resource requirement of the organization, yet, the actual activity may involve the HR manager to face many roadblocks owing to the effect of the current workforce in the organization, pressure to meet the business objectives and prevailing workforce market condition. HR Planning, thus, help the organization in many ways as follows:

  • HR managers are in a stage of anticipating the workforce requirements rather than getting surprised by the change of events
  • Prevent the business from falling into the trap of shifting workforce market, a common concern among all industries and sectors
  • Work proactively as the expansion in the workforce market is not always in conjunction with the workforce requirement of the organization in terms of professional experience, talent needs, skills, etc.
  • Organizations in growth phase may face the challenge of meeting the need for critical set of skills, competencies and talent to meet their strategic objectives so they can stand well-prepared to meet the HR needs
  • Considering the organizational goals, HR Planning allows the identification, selection and development of required talent or competency within the organization

HR Article Including Job Description to Match Vision of Company


A position description serves as a formal document that summarizes the important functions of a specific job on which the university bases position postings, job interviews, and performance appraisals. Position descriptions should accurately represent actual duties and responsibilities, the percentage of time on those duties, and job specifications.


We provide a brief summary of the scope, objective or role, and key responsibilities (typically three to four) of the position, describing how the position supports, contributes, or is linked to the organizations or programs mission. If the position supports research, briefly describe objective of project. It may be helpful to write a position summary after defining the essential responsibilities (functions) of the position.


This position provides organization-wide human resources consultation to supervisors and managers regarding classification, recruitment and compensation, facilitates solutions and outcomes that support organizational efforts to deliver public service excellence. The responsibilities of this position is to prepare, assemble, edit, format, and write unit publications, including articles, manuscripts, books, journals, and/or website material. Ensure all materials meet established standards of appearance and content.

Provide pre-award sponsored research services to the university community, including developing new funding opportunities, enhancing existing funding relationships, coordinating interdisciplinary proposal efforts, and representing the University on various research committees and professional organizations.

Working under general supervision, plan and carry out research project(s) in accordance with general plans. Conduct a series of experiment to supply scientific information as part of a larger project.

This position provides administrative and secretarial support . Responsibilities include records management, report preparation, and coordination of budget development and equipment purchases.


Direct supervisory responsibility includes the authority to hire, transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline subordinate employees or effectively recommend such actions.


We prepare list of those measurable or observable knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or behaviors that are required to succeed in performing the essential functions.


  • Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without supervision.
  • Ability to meet consistent attendance.
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to interact with colleagues, supervisors and customers face to face.
  • Working Conditions Specification.

We identify the working conditions and physical demands which relate to the essential functions of the position, such as working indoors/outdoors, working with exposures to hazards, etc. Include special considerations for the position, such as occasional travel or necessary overtime. Use this list to help you determine working conditions to include.


The physical environment requires the employee to work both inside and outside in heat/cold, wet/humid, and dry/arid conditions. Frequently required to use personal protective equipment to prevent exposure to hazardous materials. May be requested to work overtime and weekends for special program events.


List the basic (minimum) experience needed to be successful in the position.

List the basic (minimum) education, certification, and/or licensing needed to be successful in the position.

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