BACT Consultation

Bait Aljouda Consultation and Training

Bait Aljouda’ s journey started from 2001-2002, gained a great success and won the prize of ABRU company for American Industries in 2004 by seizing Imitation industries of American companies and much of the same in the field of intellectual protection of trademarks.

It was registered as a restricted agent in the United Arab Emirates in 2016 under registration No. 204 under the supervision of experts in this field, and everything related to post-registration follow-up, similarities and objections, under the supervision of a team of legal advisors, all about intellectual property protection and monitoring of counterfeit merchants.

Bait Aljouda Consultation is headed by a registered arbitrator at Ras Al Khaimah Center for Conciliation and Commercial Arbitration No. 20 since 2010, during which he handled hundreds of arbitration cases as a sole arbitrator or as a Chairman of the arbitration tribunal or as a representative of one of the parties to arbitration in various cases of commercial disputes, commercial insurance, disputes between partners and real estate issues.

An accredited agent from Ras Al Khaimah Center for International Companies since 2012 through which it founded many commercial, media and other industrial companies at the national level in the United Arab Emirates.

A registered agent in Sharjah Center for International Commercial Arbitration No. 197, since 2011, through which it has resolved many cases inside and outside the country and in many capitals from all over the world.

An accredited agent in Hamriyah Free Zone.

Attracting establishing many companies with local investors.

Contracting with the most important banks inside and outside the country and an official agent in the United Arab Emirates for Bank One in Mauritius.